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About The Drakensberg

The high treeless tops of the Drakensberg have been described as the Drakensberg alti-montane grasslands and woods ecoregion. These vertical slopes are the most southerly high mountains in Africa, and being further from the equator provide cooler habitats at lower elevations than most mountain ranges on the continent. The high rainfall generates many mountain streams and rivers, including the sources of the Orange River southern Africa’s longest and the Tugela River.

These mountains also have the planet’s second-highest waterfall, the Tugela Falls ( Thukela Falls ), that has a total drop of 947 metres. The streams that run from the Drakensberg are a necessary resource for South Africa’s economy, providing water for the economic provinces of Mpumalanga and Gauteng, which has the town of Johannesburg. The climate is wet and cool at the high altitudes, which experience snowfall in winter.